Marazzi Group: About us

Marazzi Group is the world leader in the design, manufacture and sales of ceramic tiles with a growing presence in sanitary fixtures.

In business since 1935, thanks to the introduction of a series of important innovations in terms of processes and products, as well as the acquisition of dozens of technological patents and a series of Italian and foreign companies over the last thirty years, and thanks to agreements with local partners and the opening of new offices and plants abroad, Marazzi Group is currently one of Italy's major multinational industries, the international leader in its own sector in many of the major global markets characterized by the presence of primarily domestic competitors.

The Group currently boasts manufacturing plants in Italy, Spain, France, Russia and the United States, many commercial branches and showrooms providing work for over 6,000 employees.
From its own production sites the Group exports to the entire world, augmenting Italian expertise with the lifestyles and requirements found in the various local markets.
By means of an extensive, highly efficient sales network that reaches over 14,500 independent distributors in over 130 countries, Marazzi Group directly serves both the large-scale distribution sector and specialized dealers as well as major public and private clients. The Group also does business by means of a network its own retail outlets in Russia, the United States and China.

Marazzi Group is the leading player in the ceramic sector in many of the most important international markets: number one in Italy, France and Russia, number two in the USA and one of the top contenders in Spain, Germany, Greece and Scandinavia. This widespread and extensive geographic coverage undoubtedly represents a distinctive characteristic of the Group.

The Group's selection and range of products runs from Porcelain Stoneware, Crystallized Stoneware and Single-fired tiles to the Glass Mosaics, from special floors to ventilated walls, from marble to granite and the other natural stone products, all the way to the sanitary fixtures and furnishings.

Through its Engineering Division, Marazzi Group also provides the planning and construction industries with consultancy and support for the creation of wall and floor covering systems for indoors and outdoors, in particular ventilated walls and raised floors.