Raised Floors: Functuality and benefits

Raised flooring is a system of modular elements designed for the indoor and outdoor floors of a building. This very effective technology makes it possible to create a continuous technical space underneath the surface of the floor to accommodate all the various types of cabling: electrics, plumbing, telephone and data transmission networks, climate control and security. This is possible because of its lightweight, completely dry construction system, consisting of a supporting structure and an upper surface.

Marazzi Engineering, thanks to its twenty year old experience in this field, offers raised floors solutions with high performances both in means of resistance, durability and with high aesthetical contents.

While the gradual spread of home automation makes raised flooring a basic component of intelligent buildings, a significant area of application is the

refurbishment of existing buildings due to their flexibility, the ease and speed of installation and the diverse range of finishes. Another area where raised flooring is becoming increasingly popular due to the development of high performance technologies is outdoor flooring.

The fitting systems now used can even offer perfect continuity between indoor and outdoor flooring so that terraces, outdoor areas and public spaces can also be treated to a beautiful floor surface.

Marazzi Engineering's raised flooring offers a number of important benefits in terms of functions and looks:
Rapid installation, be it in a new building or a renovation; what’s more, the floor is ready for use immediately
Flexibility in the distribution and location of services and utilities with easy access for inspections or modifications at a later date
Low cost in relation to the building’s life cycle
Design flexibility and the possibility to change the original design even during the installation itself
Integration with other finishing techniques, such as partition walls and suspended ceilings
High potential for customisation, both in the choice of the finishing material and its colour and for the possibility to create images, logos and decorative patterns or inserts using different materials
Availability of a wide range of accessories for customisation of the floors